Suede – Lonely Girls tab

1/2 Step DownKeep on playing the same pattern, just go changing the chords C Cmaj7|C/A C/G Bm Am-3-----2-----0------------------------------2-|--3--3--3--3--3--3--1---0-----------3---1---3-|----0-----0-----0-----------2---0-----------2-|---0--0--0--0--0--0-------------------------0-|--------------------3---3---3---3---2---0-----|-3-----3-----3--------------------------------|
G Stephanie stares at the posters on the wall C Tina sits and waits for a telephone call Bm Am D Maxine mixes alcohol with polythene and paint G Sylvia stays in bed on her own C She can hear the cars outside and wonders where they go Bm Am And if you call her answer phone D She'll get back to you one day C G Am D And lonely girls, lonely girls G Fill the world Oh, Julia dreams while she's typing away Jackie kills time while the company pays Tracy still hears 808 ringing in her brain Jane slaps paints on the walls of her home Lydia sings when she thinks she's alone Jean gets drunk and wonders home, Through the car parks that need her change Yeah, lonely girls, lonely girls fill the world F G And they smile through the summer F C And laugh in the rain F Am And sing through the winter F D But never show the pain Oh sometimes our lives are not what they seem Sometimes things aren't like they are in lifestyle magazines We see what we want to see In this miracle of clay Well lonely girls, lonely girls fill the world
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