Suede - The Living Dead chords

In the Forum gig (1997), Brett plays a version of these using these chords:

CWhere's all the money gone?
Fmaj7 Am GI'm talking to you
CAll up the hole in your arm
Fmaj7 Am GIs the needle a much better screw?
F D G E Am But oo-ooh what will you do alone?
G Fmaj7 C'Cos I have to go.
Where is this life of fun that you promised me? Nothing here works but your works and I mean it I have to leave But oh what will you do alone? 'Cos I have to go.
C G Am If I was the wife of an acrobat would I look like the living
Gdead boy?
C G AmYou're on the wire and can't get back, let's talk about the
Gliving dead
Bb F C AmCould have had a car, could have had it all,
Bb F GCould have walked in the sky but we stare at the wall.
I know where the money's gone-- I know what you do 'Cos I've seen the hole in your arm and The needle's a much better screw But oh, what will you do alone? 'Cos I have to go.
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