Suffokate - I Own You tab

ill give you what i know... id love too see more from this band..
* palm mute

e|----------------------------------|b|----------------------------------|g|----------------------------------|d|----------------------------------|a|-0-00-0-00-1-001-3-33-3-33-4-3-1-0|d|-0-00-0-00-1-001-3-33-3-33-4-3-1-0| ** ** ** **
e|----------------------------------------|b|----------------------------------------|g|----------------------------------------|d|-----------------------10-6-9-5-8-4-7-3-|a|-00000-00000-000-00000------------------|d|-00000-00000-000-00000------------------| ***** ***** *** *****
im sorry thats all i got can listen to the song and see what parts those are its rate me its my first tab....
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