Sufjan Stevens - That Was The Worst Christmas Ever tab

This song was on the third of the Christmas EPs that Sufjan released. The basis of the
is the guitar, but banjo shows up throughout the back as well. To play this song, follow
of Sufjan's usual guitar style -- that is, pick the bass note of a chord then strum the 
itself. This style is used throughout the entire song. Good luck and enjoy.

Capo 3

D - Am - C - EmE|----2-------0-------0-------0--|B|----3-------1-------1-------0--|G|----2-------2-------0-------0--|D|-0--0-------2-------2-------2--|A|---------0--0----3--3-------2--|E|-------------------------0--0--|
D Am C Em D Am C Em Going outside, shoveling snow in the driveway, driveway D Am C Em D Am C Em Taking our shoes, riding a sled down the hillside, hillside D Am C Em D Am C Em Can you say what you want, can you say what you want to be D Am C Em D Am C Em Can you be what you want, can you be what you want Our father yells, throwing the gifts in the woodstove, woodstove My sister runs away, taking her books to the schoolyard, schoolyard In time the snow will rise, in time the snow will rise In time the Lord will rise, in time the Lord will rise Silent night, holy night Silent night, nothing feels right
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