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Sufjan Stevens – Pittsfield tab

Sufjan Stevens - Pittsfield

Tuning: Standard
Capo 10th


G Em D/F#e|----------------------¦----------------------¦----------------------¦B|-3----------3---------¦-----3----------3-----¦-----3----------3-----¦G|-----0----------0-----¦-0----------0---------¦-2----------2---------¦D|---0-----0----0-----0-¦---2-----2----2-----2-¦---0-----0----0-----0-¦A|----------------------¦-------2----------2---¦----------------------¦E|-3-----3----3-----3---¦-0----------0---------¦-2-----2----2-----2---¦
Cadd9 G Em D/F#e|----------------------¦----------------------¦----------------------¦B|-3---3----------3-----¦-----3----------3-----¦----------------------¦G|------------0---------¦-0----------2---------¦-2--------------------¦D|---2-----2----0-----0-¦---2-----2----0-----0-¦----------------------¦A|-3-----3--------------¦-------2--------------¦----------------------¦E|------------3-----3---¦-0----------2-----2---¦-2--------------------¦
I'm not afraid of you now, I know So I climb down from the bunk beds this slow, I can talk back to you now, I know From a few things I learned from this TV show, You can work late till midnight, we don't care We can fix our own meals, we can wash our own hair, I go to school before sunrise, in the cold And I pulled the alarm, and I kicked up the salad bowls. Then play these chords: C G C G Since that time we meant to say much more Unsaid things begin to take their toll, After school we shovel through the snow Drive upstate in silence in the cold, Cadd9 Em D/F# Cadd9 You can remind me of it Em D/F# Cadd9 That I was lazy and tired, Em D/f# Cadd9 You can work all your life as Em D/F# Cadd9 G D/F# Cadd9 G D/F# I'm not afraid of you anymore Back to verse: If I loved you oh a long time, I don't know If I can't recall the last time you told me so, Here in this house in Pittsfield The ghost of our grandmother works at the sewing machine post, Hiding the bills in the kitchen, on the floor And my sister lost her best friend in the Persian Gulf War, There was a flood in the bathroom last May And you kicked at the pipes when it rattled oh the river it made. C G C G C Stand there, tell me that I'm of no use Things unspoken break us if we share There's still time to wash the kitchen floor On your knees, the bath, the sink once more. You can remind me, that I was tired You can work late, and give yourself honor. Now that I'm older, wiser and working less I don't regret, having left the place a mess Cadd9 Em D/F# Cadd9 You can remind me, Em D/F# Cadd9 that I was lazy and tired Em D/F# Cadd9 You can recall your life as Em D/F# C G C G I'm not afraid of you, anymore C G C G C G C G C G C G D/F# Anymore This is my first tab so go easy, any comments or thoughts: littlelinton1@hotmail.com
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