Sugar And The Hi Lows – Ive Got You Covered chords

CI've got you covered
EmSo go ahead and sleep tonight
FI'm not like the others
GYou will see in time
C C7No need to worry
F F6If you need a warm bed, just use mine
C'Cause I've got you covered,
GCovered tonight
CThose eyes keep talkin'
EmI hear every word they say
FTrust me, I ain't movin'
GI've been waiting on this day
C C7So don't let 'em get to you baby
F F6Just shake off all your fears
C'Cause I've got you covered
GI'll take it all from here
*Instrumental Break*
C AmOh, oh, oh
F C AmIf the night should find you
F C AmUnexpected, unprepared,
F C Let a man do what a man's supposed to
Am F GThe last thing you should feel is scared
*Does this key change not make you really excited?*
DI've got you covered
ASo go ahead and sleep tonight
GI'm not like the others
AI swear you'll be just fine
D D7Don't let 'em get to you, baby,
G Gm6Just shake off all your fear
D A'Cause I've got you covered
DForever starts right here
I just picked this up right here. It's not in the same key as the recording but it works.
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