Sugar Ray – Is She Really Going Out With Him tab

Title: Is She Really Going Out With Him?
Artist: Sugar Ray
Album: In The Pursuit Of Leisure

This song is a pretty fun song to play and sing. I hope you enjoy this song. I noticed 
that for this song, all i could find was the bass tab for this song on this website. Now 
there's a guitar tab! So have fun playing this song and rock on!! B)

~ held note
~~ longer held note (the notes in the chorus are held until the word under the next note)
/ slide to the next note

Note: the words in parenthesis in the lyrics are words that the backup singers sing in 
this song.

Intro: Clean guitar|-------------------------|x2|o9~~9-9-9-9--7~~7-7-7-7-o||-9~~-9-9-9-9-7~~-7-7-7-7-||-9~~---------9~~---------||o7~~---------7~~--------o||-------------------------|
(Some Distortion guitar)|------------------------------------||------------------------------------||-6~-66~-666~-7~-77~-777~-7~-99~-999~||-6~-66~-666~-7~-77~-777~-9~-99~-999~||-4~-44~-444~-5~-55~-555~-7~-77~-777~||------------------------------------|
Verse 1: (No Guitar) "Pretty women walking with gorillas down my street. From my window, I stare while my coffee grows cold. Look over there! |---| There's a lady that I used to know. |---|
|-2~| |-2~| |-2~| |---|She's married now or engaged or something, so I'm told."
Chorus: (Distortion guitar)|--------------------------------------------||--------------------------------------------||-6-6-6-6~-6~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~4~~~6~~~~6~-6~||-6-6-6-6~-7~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~4~~~6~~~~6~-6~||-6-6-6-6~-5~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~2~~~4~~~~4~-6~||--------------------------------------------| "Is she really going out with him?
|-----------------------------------------||-----------------------------------------||-6~~~~~~-----------9~~~~~~~~7~~~~~~~~~~~~||-7~~~~~~-----------9~~~~~~~~7~~~~~~~~~~~~||-5~~~~~~-----------7~~~~~~~~5~~~~~~~~~~~~||-----------------------------------------|Is she really gonna take him home tonight?
|---------------------------------------||---------------------------------------||-6~-6~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~4~~~~6~~~6~~~~||-6~-7~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~4~~~~6~~~6~~~~||-6~-5~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~2~~~~4~~~4~~~~||---------------------------------------| Is she really going out with him?
|-------------------------------------------------------------------------||-------------------------------------------------------------------------||-2~2~2~2~~~~~~6~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~-------------------------------------||-2~2~2~2~~~~~~6~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~-------------------------------------||-2~2~2~2~~~~~~4~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~-------------------------------------||-------------------------------------------------------------------------|Cuz if my eyes don't deceive me, there's something going wrong around here...Around here.
Verse 2: (No guitar) "Tonight's the night when I go to all the parties down my street. I wash my hair and kid myself, I look real smooth. Look over there! Here comes Jeanie with a new boyfriend. They say that looks don't count for much, if so there goes your proof...(proof)" (Chorus)
Bridge: Repeat this guitar part with distortion until the end of this Bridge|------------------------------------||------------------------------------||-6~-66~-666~-7~-77~-777~-7~-77~-777~||-6~-66~-666~-7~-77~-777~-9~-99~-999~||-4~-44~-444~-5~-55~-555~-7~-77~-777~||------------------------------------|
"But if looks could kill, there's a man who is marked down as dead. Cuz I've had my fill. Listen you, take your hands off her head. I get so mean, around this scene. Hey, hey, yeah. Hey, hey" (Riff) Riff 2: (No guitar) "(Is she really?) Around here..." (this is played after the bridge and before this next chorus) (Chorus) (The first line in this Chorus has no guitar playing: "Is she really going out with him?") Verse 3: (no guitar) "(Is she really going out with him?) Around here...Around here. (Is she really going out with him?) (Is she really going out with him?) (Is she really going out with him?) (Is she really going out with him?)" And that's it! yay! i hope you all enjoyed that song. Please rate and comment. Thank you :) rock on!! B)
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