Sugarfree - Get It Over chords

		   Get OVer it-Sugarfree
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Tuning :Standard

GSleeping in her clothes
Bm Am Won't get her back, Erase the past
C D I tell you this one's real
GThe world is not a dream
BmIt bites you
Am F By whim it steals the best of you
A EGet over it
BmShe's packed up her bags
CFlying far from here
DI know how you're feeling
A EGet it over
BmShe shaid she loved you
CBut it's only true
D AFor you and nobody else
G BmPlease understand it's hard to do
AmSo just let go
C DJust let it go
G BmThe world's not how it seems it bites you
Am Fby whim it's steals the best of you
Chorus 2:
A EGet over it
BmThe phone's not ringing
DDo you feel the cold?
EThere's no turning back
A EIs it worth it?
BmWhy you give your heart
D E When you'll never get, Never get it back
A EShe crossed you out from her book
BmStart drying your eyes now
BWho told you she could love
EThere's nothing else to fear
A EYou have to see things through
BmIt's not about you all the time
Just put yourself above
D F C-D-G-EmAnd see things differently
(Repeat Chorus)
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