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Sugarfree – Feels Like chords

			    Feels Like- Sugarfree
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Tuning :Standard

Intro: E ,  C#m ,  A , B

E I was down and out on a lonely night
C#mWith no light ahead in sight
A B Till I found myself in a place, where the earth kisses the sky
EAnd there you were across the room
C#mKissing away all its gloom
A , B, F#mThere's something about tonight
Something and it feels so right
E , A , G#m, A, BWohohoho... wohoohoo..
oh oh it feels like love tonight
E There's something about the way you smile
C#mHaven't felt like this in quite a while
A BWould you like a drink or two while you're watching me watcging you
E C#mStay for just a little bit more, stay and light my way
A F#m BBecause the're something about tonight
Something and it feels so right (Repeat Chorus)
C#m-G#m-F#m-BAnd it feels so right, I'm thinking about you tonightm, woohohoo
C#m-G#m-F#m-BOh just when I've given up on this game called love
F#m BSomething about you tells me, life will never be the same again
(Repeat Chorus)
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