Sugarplum Fairy – Soul Of The Sun tab

Soul of the Sun - Sugarplum Fairy
Capo 5th fret
Intro guitar 1: Em G D C
Intro guitar 2: D-|-7-7-5-7--10-10--10-12-10-9-9--9-10-9-7-7-|
(that is without capo, with capo play:D-|-2-2-0-2--5-5--5-7-5-4-4--4-5-4-2-2-|)
Verse 1: Em G You've got the soul of the sun in your eyes D C I have been trapped by the shine and the light Em G You've got the heart of a queen and your mind D C Gives me the kicks I need to survive Em G As I've been tryin' to say to you D C You have seen me right through Em G Cadd9 You've got the heat you're surreal I can feel you're a godess G YOU’RE TAKING ME DOWN G Chorus: G D Give it to me Ellie, it's a Saturday night Em D Am7 D Am7 You are turning into mine, I know, now I know G D Sing it to me Ellie, see the Saturday lights Em D Am7 D You know that you're mine tonight, I know, now Em 'Cause you've got the soul of the sun Verse 2: I CAUGHT THE SOUL OF THE SUN IN YOUR EYES I WAS SO COLD NOW I’M WARM AND ALIVE IF IT’S A DREAM I WILL MAKE IT COME REAL I MIGHT BE DUMB BUT I KNOW HOW I FEEL AS I’VE BEEN TRYING TO SAY IT TO YOU YOU HAVE SEEN ME RIGHT THROUGH YOU’VE GOT THE HEAT YOU’RE SURREAL I CAN FEEL YOU’RE A GODDESS YOU’RE TAKING ME DOWN Chorus Em G Stick: D C D C What if it's over now? What if it's over now? D 'Cause if it's over now, I'm over now Chorus
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