Suicidal Tendencies – Heaven tab

Suicidal Tendencies: Heaven
Album: Freedumb (1999)

A very good song from the album which also contains 'Cyco Vision'
(you might recognise it from the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater music).
Couldn't find a tab of it anywhere so here's my attempt.

^ + ^ + ^ + ^ + ^e---------0--0--0---0--0------------------------0--0--0--0---------|b---------0--0--0---0--0------------------------0--0--0--0---------|g---------0--0--0---0--0---2h4--5--4--2-----2---2--2--2--2---------|d---------0--0--0---0--0---2-------------2--3---3--3--3--3---------|a---------2--2--2------2-------------------------------------------|E---0-----0--0--0------0-------------------------------------------|
Thats the intro for guitar 1, listen for rhythm, appergiate chords slightly. ^ = play a down stroke + = play an up stroke Joel Thompson
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