Suicide Machines – Give tab

Intro- e---------------| B--10---9---7---| G---9---9---7---| D---7---7---7---| A---------------| E---------------|
(Jason Starts To Sing)Verse1 e---5---9---7---9-| B---5---9---7---9-| G---6---9---7---9-| D---7---9---7---9-| A-------7---5---7-| E-----------------|
Chorus (Does The Same Thing As The Verse except slower) Verse2 (Same Thing As The Verse1 And The Chorus) Chorus (Same Thing Again) Bridge He does the same thing as the verses and choruses but up tempo (listen to the for beat) except for the very end of the bridge which is just power chords -
And Then he just does the same thing as the verses choruses and what not. Except for the very very very last part where he just goes back and forth between
e---9---7---9-| B---9---7---9-| G---9---7---9-| D---9---7---9-| A---7---5---7-| E-------------|
Then ends on 5 (power chord) uhhh yea this was my first tab uhh let me know how i did
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