Suicide Machines – Green World Album tab

e: Fri, 20 Mar 1998 17:51:18 -0600 (CST)
From: Samuel Fletcher IV Barker 
Subject: green world album by the suicide machines

album:green world
artists:suicide machines
tabbed by:samuel barker


intro: E (over bass riff)

verse: Eii  Eii  Eii  Eii  Gii  Gii  Gii  Gii
       hey! Hey! hey! hey! hey! hey! hey! hey!

chorus: skachoo!
        Eii B G-/-9-8-6-8-6-------/  Eii  A  B
repeat verse

repeat intro


repeat verse

repeat chorus

end: B  A  Ab  F#  Eii

everyday life

verse: F#ii  Gii  Abii  Aii  Cii

C  Bb  F
       everyday life
C  Bb  F
       i'm still alive
C  Bb  F
       everyday life
C  Bb  F
       i can't hide

repeat verse

repeat chorus 1

chorus 2:
F  Bb  C
F  Bb  C
F     Bb      C 
gotta live my life
F  Bb       C
   one more time

repeat chorus 2(w/out lyrics) repeat chorus 1 end pre-fab people ---------------
intro: A G-/-------/ Db D G-/-9-7-6-----------/ D-/-------/ D-/-------9-7-6-----/ A-/-4-5-6-/ A-/-------------9-7-/
verse: As Eii Db Eii chorus: A G D
break-down: Ao A-/---------2-2-3-3---------2-3-5-3-2-/ Ao E-/-3-3-3-3---------3-3-3-3-----------/
green world ------------ intro: G G G C C B F# F# F# G Cs Ds verse 1: Gii Cs Ds Cs chorus: G F C D solo: Gii G/F#ii C D G-/---7---7-4-5-4-0-4-5-4-0-/ A-/-4---4-------------------/ verse 2: G C D C repeat chorus repeat intro w/ "it's a green world" chant end With sunshine -------------- intro: E G A verse: Eii Db A B pre-chorus: A B Eii chorus: E C B A end: E G A Eii inside/outside --------------- intro: Eii Aii Abii verse: bass only chorus: Eii B A B
chorus riff:G-/---9-7---7-------6---------/A-/-------9---9-7-6---7-6-6-9-/E-/-7-------------------------/
repeat verse repeat chorus "blind" part: F# Eii (4x) F#ii Eii Eb Db outro: E A B B A golfing song ------------- not included, sorry vans song ---------- intro: Gii verse: organ only guitar equivilent is Gii C D chorus: G C D (3x) C D end snotrag -------- intro: E B Ab F# E B Ab E A-/-4-2-----/ E-/-----4-2-/ verse: F#ii Eii Bs
"everybody knows"D-/---------------------6-9-----8-11-/A-/-----6-9-----6-9-7-7-----9-9------/ 2x then....E-/-7-7-----7-7----------------------/
chorus: B Eii F#ii 3x then... B F#ii outro: A D Eb Eii G-/-7-6-----/ A-/-----9-7-/ end drunken jocks --------------
intro: A-/-7-5-4-------4-7-5-/ E-/-------7-5-4-------/
1st and 3rd part of song:
D A-/-7-5-4-------4-7-5-/ D G-/-7-6-5---6-4---4-/ E-/-------7-5-4-------/ A-/-------7-----7---/
2nd part of song:(verse) D As Gs D fucking drunk end ugly place ----------- intro: D A F# verse: Eii B chorus: Eii A B middle: Db B A outro: Eii Db B A end post-office death squad ------------------------ chorus: Gii C verse(1st part): Gii Fii C verse(2nd part): Gii D C slow(1st part): G F C slow(2nd part): D A C G end friends are hard to find -------------------------
verse: A F# G D chorus: D C G end of album
chords used: E F F# G Ab A Bb B C C# D Eb Eii Fii F#ii Giie-/---/---/---/---/---/---/---/---/---/---/---/---/---/----/----/----/B-/---/---/---/---/---/---/---/---/---/---/---/---/---/----/----/----/G-/---/---/---/---/---/-2-/-3-/-4-/-5-/-6-/-7-/-8-/-9-/-10-/-11-/-12-/D-/-2-/-3-/-4-/-5-/-6-/-2-/-3-/-4-/-5-/-6-/-7-/-8-/-9-/-10-/-11-/-12-/A-/-2-/-3-/-4-/-5-/-6-/-0-/-1-/-2-/-3-/-4-/-5-/-6-/-7-/--8-/--9-/-10-/E-/-0-/-1-/-2-/-3-/-4-/---/---/---/---/---/---/---/---/----/----/----/
Abii Aii Cii Ao Gs As Cs Ds G/Fiie-/----/----/----/---/---/---/---/---/----/B-/----/----/----/---/-3-/-5-/-5-/-7-/----/G-/-13-/-14-/-17-/---/-4-/-6-/-5-/-7-/-12-/D-/-13-/-14-/-17-/-7-/-5-/-7-/-5-/-7-/-12-/A-/-11-/-12-/-15-/-x-/---/---/---/---/--9-/E-/----/----/----/-5-/---/---/---/---/----/
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