Suicide Machines – Hating Hate tab

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Date: Tue, 14 Apr 1998 08:00:40 -0600
From: Jason Kendall 
Subject: s/suicide_machines/hating_hate.crd

Song: Hating Hate
Artist: The Suicide Machines
Album: Battle Hymns
Tabbed by: Jason Kendall (

Intro: G

Verse: D Bb A G
       C# A G# G

Chorus: Bb G C C# C Ebi
end on C

Bridge: C G# F A
then outro to last chorus on Ei
slide off last Ebi on final chorus

D   Bb  A     G
Hatred! A deadly disease
C#                     A     G#    G        etc.
It's pumping through the veins of every being on the planet
or so it seems... "maybe you, not me"
I see it through the red film on my eyes that we must...

Bb   G   C        C#   C   Ebi

D        Bb    A    G
Prejudice! our nation's biggest sickness
C#       A    G#   G             etc.
is taking place before our very eyes
i'm just as guilty as the next that i'll try to change
unfortunately, some aren't so easily persuaded so we...

Bb  G  C    C#  C   Ebi
Fight Hatred!

C          G#              F       A        etc.
this doesn't have to be a physical war
reverse the ignorance to which we were born
and yes, this may become a violent fight
and we may never win but no one can ever say we didn't try


Bb  G  C     C# C Ebi

chords with "i" after them denote that they are the high version of the
chord. that's it. just slide off the Ebi at the end. My e-mail's at the
top if you have any comments, or just want to yell at me.
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