Suicide Machines - Vans Song tab

Hey my name is tim this a great song & exremely easy to play

Song:Vans Song
Artist: Suicide Machines

Intro: 10's not 1 0|----------------------||----------------------||-101010101010101010---||-101010101010101010---||-8-8-8-8-8-8-8-8-8----||----------------------|
Ska Parts(played the same the whole song)|-3----1-----8-------||-3----1-----8-------||-4----2-----9-------||-5----3-----10------||--------------------||--------------------|
Chorus: Chords used fpr it (listen to know when to change)|------------------------||------------------------||-------5----7-----------||-5-----5----7-----------||-5-----3----5-----------||-3----------------------|
Well i think thats it & its really you shouldn't have ne troubel on it.
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