Suicide Machines – Bone To Ashes tab

By: Kevin Hawkins ( 

Chords Used:(capo 4th fret, all numbers relative to capo) 

you may want to replace the Cadd9 with... E sumthin, whatever sounds best to you, i like to alternate to G C Cadd9 Am make it more exciting e|-3---0--3-----0-------------------------------------------------0-----------| B|-0---1-(3)----1-------------------------------------------------3-----------| G|-0---0--0-----2-------------------------------------------------0-----------| D|-0---2--2-----2-------------------------------------------------2-----------| A|-2---3--3-----0-------------------------------------------------2-----------| E|-3--------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Intro G C G C (oh yeah...) Verse (critical mass, detonation countdown,...) G C G C G C G C then, at (and its a, strange love) you may want to replace the C's with Am, again,to make it more interesting and i give it better effect. Chorus (Ohhhh, pile the skulls up...) Am Cadd9 Am G (4x) Interlude G C G C (listen up now...) Repeat Verse Repeat Chorus Bridge (one world or none...) G Am C Cadd9 (4x) Repeat chorus, end on a slower strummed G
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