Suicide - Cheree tab

Listening to the song first is HIGHLY recommended !

Synth Bass

G             C D C
cheree, cheree
  G    C D C
oh baby
  G    C D C
oh baby
G        C D C
i love you
cheree cheree
my comic book fantasy
oh i love you
oh baby
(Solo thing on synth, close to xylophone) Play A twice, then B once, then A once more.
-10------12--12--14--14--12--12--|---12------13------15------13----| A-----12--------------------------|---------------------------------|---------------------------------|---------------------------------|
////-10------121520--171410--1412----|---12------------------------13--| B-----12--------------------------|---------------------------------|---------------------------------|---------------------------------|
//// cheree cheree je t'adore baby oh i love you come play with me oh baby, oh baby i love you i love you baby oh i love you cheree cheree....
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