Sum 41 – Shout At The Devil tab

Shout At The Devil 
written by Motley Crue
as performed by Sum 41 at the mtv 20th birthday celebration.

tabbed by Roy Kirby

intro chorusG-------5----------7-------|-----5------7------5---------------D-7-7-7-5----7-7-7-7-------|-----5------7------5---------------A-7-7-7-3----7-7-7-5-------|-0-0-3--0-0-5--0-0-3------5p3------E-5-5-5------5-5-5---------|---------------------3h5p3---------pm... pm. pm.. pm. pm.
Sum 41 only played the intro and then played the chorus for a while. Tommy Lee also played drums with the band during this song, No Sleep Till Brookeland, and You Got another Thing Coming with Rob Halford on vocals.
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