Sum 41 – Back Where I Belong chords

Sum 41
Back Where I Belong
Screaming Bloody Murder
2011 Island records
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Key: A

Tuning: Drop D

Chords used: Drop D only
F#m -  444xxx
E -    222xxx
A -    777xxx
Bm -   999xxx
D -    000xxx
C#m -  x466xx
C#/F - 343xxx

Chords used: for Standrd EADGBe
F#m -  244222
E -    022100
A -    x02220
Bm -   x24432
D -    xx0232
C#m -  x46654
C#/F - 143xxx


Cone: F#m--E--A--Bm--

Tom: continue up to Versese|------------------------------------|B|---------------12----------------14-|G|-11h13h14--11------11---14---11-----|D|------------------------------------| x4A|------------------------------------|D|------------------------------------|
Deryck: Idle until Verses Verse 1:
F#m Got my back against
the wall tried
E to scream theres no sound
Aat all I'm stuck with
Bmnowhere to turn but I'm trying
F#m Trying hard not
Eto be the one left
behind to become undone
A you cant stop what's
already begun
Bm (hold)Hear the down and out
Chorus 1:
F#m AI'm not giving up
EI won't let go
Dcos I'm here till I'm
F#mdone this time I've hard
A Eenough I'm on my own but
DI am back where I belong
Post Chorus 1:
Deryck: F#m E D Ee|-----|-----|-----|-----|B|-----|-----|-----|-----|G|-----|-----|-----|-----|D|-4-4-|-2-2-|-0-0-|-2-2-| x2A|-4-4-|-2-2-|-0-0-|-2-2-|D|-4-4-|-2-2-|-0-0-|-2-2-|
Cone: F#m E D EG|-----|-----|-----|-----|D|-----|-----|-----|-----| x2A|-----|-----|-----|-----|D|-4-4-|-2-2-|-0-0-|-2-2-|
Verse 2:
F#m You stand closer but your far
Eaway seems like its further
Aeveryday the feelings never
Bmgo away but I'm trying
F#m At the end of a losing race
E time passes me without a trace
A trying hard just to find a
Bm (hold)place now that I'm on to you
(Repeat Chorus 1) Post Chorus 2: F#m---F#m---F#m(hold) Bridge: Beat Slowerd, Acosutic Guitar
F#m D Memories they hold a place just
C#min time to go to waste and
F#m C#/F F#m C#/Fthey all become replaced
F#m C#/F#m C#/F(hold)ohh
Cool Riff:
Both Deryck and Tom: F#m A Bm A F#m E De|-------|-------|-------|-----|-----|---|-------|B|-------|-------|-------|-----|-----|---|-------|G|-------|-------|-------|-----|-----|---|-------|D|-------|-------|-------|-----|-----|---|-------| x8A|-------|-0-0-0-|-2-2-2-|-0-0-|-----|---|-------|D|-4-4-4-|-------|-------|-----|-4---|-2-|-0-0-0-|
Cone: F#m A Bm A F#m E DG|-------|-------|-------|-----|-----|---|-------|D|-------|-------|-------|-----|-----|---|-------|A|-------|-0-0-0-|-2-2-2-|-0-0-|-----|---|-------|x8D|-4-4-4-|-------|-------|-----|-4---|-2-|-0-0-0-|
Chorus 2:
F#m AI'm not giving up
EI won't let go
Dcos I'm where back
(hold) where I belong (Repeat Chorus 1) Outro: Repeat Cool Riff but only x4
End on F#m(Hold) and there's a creepysound to Enter the song Exit song
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