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Sum 41 – Reason To Believe chords

Sum 41
Reason To Believe
Screaming Bloody Murder
2011 Island Records
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Key: F

Tuning: Drop D

Chords used:
Dm -  000xxx
F -   333xxx
C -   x355xx
Bb -  888xxx
C/E - 232xxx
Am -  777xxx

Chords used: for Standard Tuning
Dm -  xx0231
F -   133211
C -   x32010
Bb -  x13331
C/E - 032xxx
Am -  x02210

Intro: Drumbeats, Dm-- x4

Dm-F-C-- x2

Verse 1:
Dm FI've been waiting for
Csomething for so long
just show me the answers
Dmthat I want
FReason to believe
Cthat is so strong
but I don't think that exists (Repeat) Chorus: Beat switch from 3/4 to Standard 4/4
Dm Bb F Yeah give me reason to believe
C/E Dmthis world is not a seat machine
Bb FWhen everywhere is a dead
C/Eand having an erection
Dm Bb Yeah can you give
Fme what I need?
C/EOr just sit and
Dmwatch me bleed
Bb FCause after all you can't get
C/Eeverything you want now
Dm Bb F C/E But all I need is one
Dm Bb F C/Ething to keep me moving on
Dm Bb F C/E Dm Bb F C/EOh oh
Verse 2: Slower Beat Played on Piano
Dm Bb Everbody's got a secret
F AmCan you tell me what is mine?
DmCan you tell me what you find?
BbI'll tell you if you keep it
FI promise not to lie
Coeh oeh oeh oeh oeh
Bb F Well I have the fears the pain
Cand the tears I just can't hide
Bb F It all dissapears cause
Ceverything passes with the time
Bb(hold) F(hold)All you need is reason to believe
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