Sum 41 – Blood In My Eyes chords

Sum 41
Blood In My Eyes
Screaming Bloody Murder
2011 Island Records
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Key: G

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
Em    022000
Bm    x24432
B     x24442
C     x32010
Cm    x35543
Am    x02210
G     320033
D     xx0232
Eb    688886


Clean: Em   x4

Distorted: Em  Bm C Em  Bm C Bm Am Bm G Em  x2
Em  Bm C Bm Am Bm G Em  x4, Em  Em  

Verse 1: Beat switched from Standard 4/4 to 3/4
EmI don't believe in
the secrets you keep
BBut I do wanna know
C G BmHow do you sleep at night
EmAnd I'm over you
C Gcongratulations and
EmThank you for all the pain
CCause it made it be
Cmso much more fun
EmThere's nothing to say now
GThe feelings are
Dalready dead (they're dead)
AmAnd I don't believe
Emtheres a way now
GAll that is said has
Dbeen said (been said)
Bm DI'm waiting for another
Em Gday another way
DI don't believe that you can
Am Emmake all the pain go away
G DSo I'll leave it all behind but
Bm DI'm leaving with blood in my eyes
Post chorus: Back to Standard 4/4 beat Em Bm C Bm Am Bm G Em x2, Em Em Verse 2: back to 3/4 beat
EmSeen through the lines
while believing the lies
BFor too long a time
C G BmAnd I still don't know how I did
EmAnd now war's declared
C Gdrawing the battle lines
EmAnd I can't see straight anymore
C Cm(hold)With all of this blood in my eyes
Breakdown: Same as Intro Clean: Em x4 Drumbeats/Deryck's Solo: Em Cone's Bass solo: Bm Em Tom's Guitar Solo: Bm Eb x8, Em x8, Em(hold) (Repeat Chorus)
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