Noots chords with lyrics by Sum 41 - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Sum 41 – Noots chords


Deryck: Fm--C#--G#--Eb

Dave: E E E E E E E. S E E E E E E Q E|--8-----8-----8-----8---8-|--9-----9-----9-----9S----|B|--9-----9-----9-----9---9-|--9-----9-----9-----9S----|G|--------------------------|--------------------------|D|--------------------------|--------------------------| x2A|--------------------------|--------------------------|E|--------------------------|--------------------------|
Deryck: Fm--C#--Eb--G#-Eb/G x2
Dave: E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E ------------------------------|----------------------------|----------8--8---9---9--8--8--|--------8--8---9---9--8--8--|--10--10--0--0----------0--0--|--8--8--0--0----------0--0--|---x---x--x--x---x---x--x--x--|--x--x--x--x---x---x--x--x--|---8---8--------11--11--------|--6--6--------11--11--------|------------------------------|----------------------------|
E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E ------------------------------|--------------------------------|--6--6--8--8---9---9--11--11--|--------------------------------|--------0--0------------------|--13--13--12--12--10--10--8--8--|--x--x--x--x---x---x---x---x--|---x---x---x---x---x---x--x--x--|--8--8--------11--11--13--13--|--11--11--10--10---8---8--6--6--|------------------------------|--------------------------------|
E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E ----------------------------|----------------------------|--6--6--8--8---9---9--8--8--|--------8--8---9---9--8--8--|--------0--0----------0--0--|--8--8--0--0----------0--0--|--x--x--x--x---x---x--x--x--|--x--x--x--x---x---x--x--x--|--8--8--------11--11--------|--6--6--------11--11--------|----------------------------|----------------------------|
E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E ------------------------------|--------------------------------|--6--6--8--8---9---9--11--11--|--------------------------------|--------0--0------------------|--13--13--12--12--10--10--8--8--|--x--x--x--x---x---x---x---x--|---x---x---x---x---x---x--x--x--|--8--8--------11--11--13--13--|--11--11--10--10---8---8--6--6--|------------------------------|--------------------------------|
Verse 1:
Fm G# Today is too late
C#How long do we have to wait
Fm G# Oh no I think she knows
Bbm That's why I can't let go
Fm G# I feel this burning inside
C# A feeling that no one should know
Fm G#This could be so good again
BbmI'd wait here till then
Dave: at "I feel this burning inside" E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E W e|--1--1--1-----1--1--1-----|--3--3--3-----3--3--3-----|--6-B|--1--1--1-----1--1--1-----|--4--4--4-----4--4--4-----|----G|--------------------------|--------------------------|----D|--------------------------|--------------------------|----A|--------------------------|--------------------------|----E|--------------------------|--------------------------|----
EbBut not with this
So now I'll leave with
Dave: Refrain E Q E E E E E E e|-----------------------|-------------1-----------|B|--4------4------2S--4--|--L----2--4-----4--2--1--|G|-----------------------|-------------------------|D|-----------------------|-------------------------|A|-----------------------|-------------------------|E|-----------------------|-------------------------|
Q. Q. E E Q E E E E E E -----------------------|-------------1-----------|--4------4------2S--4--|--L----2--4-----4--2--1--|-----------------------|-------------------------|-----------------------|-------------------------|-----------------------|-------------------------|-----------------------|-------------------------|
Fm C# G#No apologies
EbI never thought you'd be
Fm C# G#so Easily deceived
EbNow I'll just hang my head
C# Fm G# Eb(I'm falling further out of place)
While I walk with the dead
C# Fm G# Eb(all the lies I can't erase)
I'll just hang my head Post chorus: Fm--C#--Eb--G#-Eb/G Verse 2:
Fm G# We're mad with regret
C# Memories that we'll both forget
Fm G# So far it's been so hard
Bbm To cover up these scars
Fm G# I see this falling apart
C# It's easy to just let it go
Fm G# No luck between us both
BbmSo I keep waiting
(Repeat Refrain and Chorus) Bridge:
Fm C# What's left to show
G# Eb It's so bad but I got to know
Fm C# What's right don't know
G# Eb How to find it out on my own
Interlude: Fm--Bbm-Eb x2
Cone's Bass Solo: do it until the end of verse 3 Fm Bbm EbG|-8-|-10-------|----8-10-|-8-------D|---|----11----|-11------|---11----A|---|-------11-|---------|------11-E|---|----------|---------|--------- x2
Verse 3:
FmOne by one we all fall down
BbmWho's the first one
Ebto hit the ground now
Fm What's worse to kick or fall
Bbm EbOr be us standing alone
Fm I'll keep your promises if you
Bbm Eb Take back every thing I said
Fm I find its got so cold now
Bbm Eb (hold) That I've lost my heart and soul
(Repeat Chorus) Outro: Ebm--B-C#-Ebm B C# Ebm--B-C#--Eb(hold) Hang my head
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