Summertimes End - 2008 chords

Intro: F Gm Bb Dm C Bb(Notes for intro are G, F, C. Continue through song.)
F GmI found some perspective gathering dust
BbIn the back of my drawer
Dm C BbI didn't know it was there but I'm glad 'cause I've never needed it more
F Gm And I found the letters that we used to write
BbJust a few years ago
Dm C BbI didn't know things had changed that much but I guess that now it shows
FAnd it's what I make of this
CThat defines just who I am
DmAnd I know your mind won't change
Bb'Cause you just don't understand
FAnd I know the times were good
CBut that's what memories are for
DmI can live without you here
BbI don't need you anymore
F GmYeah, life was a canvas and we had a brush
BbAnd we'd paint our every day
Dm C BbBut now you're gone and I'm left with a smear and a thousand shades of grey
F GmSo I'll pack my bags up 'cause I'm moving out
BbBy tonight I'll be gone
Dm CI'll leave this life and I'll say goodbye
Bb'Cause I am moving on
Solo: F C Dm Bb (twice)
e|------------------------0-1-----0-1-0-1--------------------------------------|B|--------------------1-3-----1-3---------1-3-1--------------------------------|G|--0-0-2-0-3-2-0-2-3---------------------------3-2-0--------------------------|D|-3-3-----3-----3------------------------------------0-2-3-2-0----------------|A|---------------------------------------------------------------3-1-0---------|E|---------------------------------------------------------------------3-1-----|Repeat chorus
Final chorus lyrics: This is how I leave you behind And this is how I wipe you from my mind
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