Sun Kil Moon - Lost Verses tab

Artist: Sun Kil Moon
Song: Lost Verses
Album: April
Tabbed by: Don Tago

Standard Tuning (Capo IV)

Am: 002210
C:  032010
Dm: 000231
Em: 022000
F:  133211
G:  320033
G5: 3554--

Riff 1:

Intro: C-F-G5-F x2 (slide F to G5) Verse 1 Chords: C F G5 F I came out from under her warm sheets Dm C F G Into the brisk late October C F G5 F If only for one last hope Dm C F G I wanted my time with you to be over Verse 2: use verse 1 chords Iím staring up into the sky While all the raining is pouring down Iím reaching out for your help But evil beings hold me backwards Chorus 1: Dm C F C All shapes and shadows move in and out Dm Am G F C Dm And hover round my bed C F C Voices arrive and disappear, Dm Am G F C Dm I want to talk to them C F C Darkness disintegrates Iím rising; Dm Am G F C Em Iím rising toward a light Am F A light leading over hills and meadows Interlude 1: C-F-G-F x2 (starting here and onwards, insert Riff 1 where appropriate) Verse 3+4: Use Verse 1 chords Iíve risen up from the dead With the burning leaves of autumn If only for one last chance That all of whom have been defeated To put on my fatherís wool coat To smell my motherís fragrances and perfumes To find my young brothers and sisters To never leave or let them go Chorus 2: Use chorus 1 chords Houses adorned so beautifully The Marin headlands song Lost verses well up my eyes and ears The lone mandolin strums On Tamalpais warm spring The many places we Lay down in sleepy hidden shadows Interlude 2: Em-C-Dm-C-Am, then Em-C-Dm-C-Am Bridge: C Am I see you well and clear, deep in the moonlight dear C F Your radiant august eyes, they are the suns that rise C They are the light that blinds, F G, then -> C-F-G5-F x2 They end these lost verses Verse 5+6: Use Verse 1 chords I came up from under the ocean Evaporated sea salt water A mist above the skyline I haunt the streets of San Francisco Watch over loved ones and old friends I see them trough their living room windows Shaken by fear and worries I want them to know how I love them so Chorus: Foghorns would sound in waking Is it my voice you hear? Footsteps are moving across the floor And you know Iím here The afternoon carries up from the hills and you are well and near To fall into the light I follow Interlude 3: Em-C-Dm-C-Am Final Bridge: C Am I feel oh so near, when morning doves appear C F And ghosts of April ring, echo the refrain C F G Soon finding a place, in these lost verses C G They fill the foggy day, they hide the hills away F C That steal our time, they are the picturesque night F The casting city lights C F G, then C-F-G5-F x2 On the bay flowing into the ocean glowing Outro Chords: Em-Am-F-C (repeat until fade out)
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