Sun Kil Moon - Tiny Cities Made Of Ashes tab

			     TINY CITIES MADE OF ASHES - Sun Kil Moon
Tabbed by: shadley15

Tuning: Standard

Capo Fret 1
This part is the basic guitar line played throughout the whole song.
There are some tweaks here and there brought in by another guitar or
sometimes a toy piano/bell set, but this would get you through at an
open mic or something. Love the original, of course, but Sun Kil Moon
does some of the best covers I've ever heard, so I thought I'd put this

Use that first part only for the very first time (notice the simultaneous pick on the A and e strings for the very first attack). For the rest of the song use this...
And that's it. Hope you like it, and if you haven't heard this version I highly recommend it. Cheers.
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