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Tuning: EADGBE
Capo on 2nd fret
probably not 100%,

C G Am e---|---|---|---|---| ---|---|-X-|---|---| ---|---|---|---|---| B-X-|---|---|---|---| ---|---|---|---|---| -X-|---|---|---|---| G---|---|---|---|---| ---|---|---|---|---| ---|-X-|---|---|---| D---|-X-|---|---|---| ---|---|---|---|---| ---|-X-|---|---|---| A---|---|-X-|---|---| ---|-X-|---|---|---| ---|---|---|---|---| E---|---|---|---|---| ---|---|-X-|---|---| ---|---|---|---|---|
Fmaj7(Variation of) Cmaj9(Variation of) Em7 (variation of) e---|---|---|---|---| ---|---|-X-|---|---| ---|---|---|---|---| B-X-|---|---|---|---| -X-|---|---|---|---| ---|---|---|---|---| G---|-X-|---|---|---| ---|---|---|---|---| ---|---|---|---|---| D---|---|-X-|---|---| ---|---|---|---|---| ---|---|---|---|---| A---|---|---|---|---| ---|-X-|---|---|---| ---|---|---|---|---| E---|---|---|---|---| ---|---|-X-|---|---| ---|---|---|---|---|
Am Cmaj9 Fmaj7 The bright lime green walls Cmaj9 watched me sit in silence. Am Cmaj9 Fmaj7 And everything that had happened Cmaj9 faded into nothing. C Cmaj9 Am Four a.m.-concrete bed. Cmaj9 Fmaj7 Rented car-thoughts in flames. Am G Fmaj7 And I didn't even know what I was doing there. Am Fmaj7 C Afternoon. Market daze. G Fmaj7 Crowded night. Glowing streets. Am G Fmaj7 Around me everything was buzzing. C Cmaj9 Am All alone/Sushi train- Cmj9 Fmaj7 I wandered through the streets again. Am Fmaj7 C G Lime green walls. Sake dreams. In and out of Fmaj7 restless sleep- Am Fmaj7 G Am G C It was a Long day/killing time/long day... Am Fmaj7 So I waited for the morning- C G Fmaj7 for birds and cars to come alive. Am Fmaj7 c Slightly sick at sunrise, coughing hard, G Fmaj7 I went for a drive. Am Fmaj7 The sun warmed my skin and cleared out my
e-0--0-----3-3---------|B-1----1-------0----1--|G-0------0-------0--2--|D-2-----------------3--|A-3--------2-----------|E-0--------3-----------| *C G Fmaj7 *congested head.
Am Fmaj7 C I found myself alone in the museum. G Fmaj7 And I felt some way I'd never felt.
e-0--0------------3-3-------------------|B-1----1--------------0--------------1--|G-2------0--------------0------------2--|D-2----------------------------------3--|A-0---------------2---------------------|E-0---------------3---------------------| Am G Fmaj And I wanted to share it with someone else.
Am Fmaj7 C Poorly lit payphone booth. G Am Friendly voice. Shredded throat. Am Fmaj7 C Lime green walls laugh again. G Fmaj7 Thoughts erupting from my head- C Em7 Am Last day, salty mouth- Fmaj7 C Ocean breathes against my skin. Em7 Am Chinatown. Killing time. G C maybe someday this will all make sense. Am G Fmaj7 Why the lime green walls just laugh again. Am Fmaj7 G Am G C C G Am Long day. Killing time. Long day. But I'm still alive. C G Fmaj7 But I'm still alive.
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