Sunk Loto - Vinegar Stroke tab

Song: Vinegar stroke
Band: Sunk loto
Album: Society Anxiety
Tabbed: Daniel T (
Tuning: D A D G B E

Intro (distortion)D[----------------------|----------------------------------]B[----------------------|----------------------------------]G[-5-x------------------|-5-x------------------------------]D[-5-x--3-x-6--2-2-3-0--|-5-x--3-x-6--2-2-3-0--------------]A[-3-x--3-x-6--2-2-3-0--|-3-x--3-x-6--2-2-3-0--------------]E[------3-x-6--2-2-3-0--|------3-x-6--2-2-3-0--------------] ( repeat first bar 3 times, the last bar double each note and leave out the muted strings )Verse:bass plays above riff and guitar does scratching with the pick down the fretboard and mute the strings with left hand and with the pick tap on the strings and move down the fretboard
Chorus:D[---------------------------------------------------------]B[---------------------------------------------------------]G[---------------------------------------------------------]D[---------------------------------------------------------]A[-5-4-0--5-4-0--5-4-0--5-4-0------------------------------]E[-5-4-0--5-4-0--5-4-0--5-4-0------------------------------]Repeat as necessary
This is a good tab for a bass player but i cant get the rest of the song. suggestions, corrections, complaints, whatever E-mail Thanx Daniel
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