Sunny Ledfurd - Long Weekend chords

Artist: Sunny Ledfurd
Song : Long Weekend
Album : Mud Digger (2010) (Collaboration album with Colt Ford, Matt Stillwell, 
Brantley Gilbert, Lenny Cooper and The Lacs)
Genre : Country/Southern Rock/Acoustic

      * beside a chord means you pick that chord instead of strum

awesome song! very simple. sunny ledfurds a beast.
G*Its gonna be a long weekend ,
D*i gotta alot of drankin to do ,
C*dont call me up tomorrow,
Gi got some pain to get through,
G DI got off work on thursday and she had left last tuesday night
C GSo i headed downtown to this bar i know with one thing on my mind,
G DI ran into a couple of ole girlfriends who were drankin on some wine,
Cthey asked me to sit and talk for awhile i said,
Gi got plenty of time....
Chorus :
GIts gonna be a long weekend,
DI got some drankin to do,
C GDont call me on friday mornin I got some pain to get through,
GIts gonna be a long weekend,
Dand i got nothin to lose,
C Gso if you aint scared come hang out with me,
Verse 2:
G DFriday mornin she was just an excuse cause i didnt wanna go to work,
C GThe more i kept on gettin down the more that she did hurt,
G I was at hooters when they opened up,
Dlaugh at me for what its worth,
C Gi drank bout 7 pitchers un-til they finally cut me off..
Chorus 1x Bridge: G D G C G G w/solo Verse 3 same patttern ( G , D , C , G) as the other verses Chorus one more time..... and thats it
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