Super Deluxe – The Role Play Tournament tab

I Am Babycakes (From Super Deluxe).
Role Play Tournament.

Tabbed by: A. Jester
Tuning:Standard (Though it would sound good a half-step down.)
~ = Let ring.

e|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|G|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|D|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|A|---------2-------------------------------2---------------------------------|E|0~~~~~~--3b0~~~~~~~~~~~~~~---------------3b0~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~--------------| Be aggressive. B-E Aggressive!
e|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|G|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|D|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|A|---------2-------------------------------2---------------------------------|E|---------3b0~~~~~~~~~~~~~~---------------3b0~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~--------------| Be aggressive. B-E Aggressive!
e|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|G|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|D|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|A|---------2-------------------------------4---------------------------------|E|---------3b0~~~~~~~~~~~~~~---------------5b0~~~~~~-------------------------| Just one girlie at the tourney...The Dungeon Master...
This goes on through the whole song, every other line using the third bar. Lyrics- Just one girlie at the tourney and it's kill or be killed. The Dungeon Master is the ------- known as Pliny the Ill but I, I could feel it coming through the air that night. Oh Lord, my sword's out. Jesus, just avert Your eyes. Took me years to develop these skills. I'm untouchable thanks to these pills. The way's paved with knaves that I've horribly slain. See me coming, better run for those hills. Listen up now. You got me killing, uh. You got me blind to feelings. I crush your face, I take your jewels, you have no way of dealing. Be aggressive, B-E aggressive. Be aggressive, B-E aggressive. "Mirror mirror, uh, up on the wall, uh, who's the baddest mother------ of them all, uh? Just like Columbus, uh, he get the bloodlust, uh. Just like Columbus he get murderous on purpose." You got me hurting, uh. You got me pulling curtains. You sucking chili dogs while I go on my crazed berserking. Be aggressive, B-E aggressive. Be aggressive, B-E aggressive. 10s and 20s, what's so funny, ------ 20 10? Sweet Jesus, please just get me through this. Take me home again. But I'm all up in the Deathworld, snap. Rub a bump in the Deathworld, ----. I'm all heavy with the winnings not to mention all the sinning and I lost it in the crap. In the Valley of the Shadow a Booberry attacked. He was the hitman of the girlie, who survived to the last. She was the cutest necromancer that I ever did see. I almost wished myself to die so she could win the whole thing, but- Be aggressive, B-E aggressive. Be aggressive, B-E aggressive.
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