Superchick - Courage tab

Please note that the names of the chords might be slightly wrong, but I did my best! 
Play the frets suggested and it should sound just fine :)

Chords used:

X 3 5 5 4 3 

6 8 8 7 6 6

4 6 6 5 4 4 

3 5 5 3 3 3

X 6 8 8 X 6 

Cmin           Bmin
I told another lie today
And I got through this day
No one saw through my games
Cmin            Bmin
I know the right words to say
Like "I don't feel well"
"I ate before I came"

Cmin                  Bmin
Then someone tells me how good I look
and for a moment

For a moment I am happy
Cmin          Bmin
But when I'm alone
No one hears me cry

I need you to know
I'm not through the night
                     Gm                       G#maj
Some days I'm still fighting to walk towards the light
I need you to know
That we'll be okay
                Gm           G#maj
Together we can make it through another day

[Verse - As above]
I don't know the first time I felt unbeautiful
The day I chose not to eat
What I do know is how I changed my life forever
I know I should know better
There are days when I'm okay
And for a moment
For a moment I find hope
But there are days when I'm not okay
And I need your help
So I'm letting go


           Cmin                    Eb5
You should know you're not on your own
                  Bmin             G#maj
These secrets are walls that keep us alone
           Cmin              Eb5
I don't know when but I know now
               Bmin             G#maj   
Together we'll make it through somehow

Together we'll make it through somehow


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