Supergrass – Tales Of Endurance tab

                      TALES OF ENDURANCE (PARTS 4,5 AND 6)
                           from road to rouen

doubt this is a spot on copy but its fairly close and the main notes are right.
drop the bottom E to a D, you dont have to but it sounds nice when you hit the bass 
and doesent sound right with normal tuning so play the bassnotes on the middle D.

CHORDS USED... Am/D Dm Am/F C GD----------------------------------------|A------------------0-------3-----2-------|D-0---------0------3-------2-----0-------|G-2---------2------2-------0-----0-------|B-1---------3------1-------1-----0-------|E-0---------1------0-------0-----3-------|
intro/ main riff
Am/D Dm Am/D Dm Am/D Dm Am/D DmD----0----------------------3-0----------------------|A----------------------------------------------------|play all throughD-------0--0---0-----0----------0--0---0-----0-------|verse and introG-------2--2---2-22--2-22-------2--2---2-22--2-22----|B-------1--3---1-11--3-33-------1--3---1-11--3-33----|E-------0--1---0-00--1-11-------0--1---0-00--1-11----|
bridge Am/F, C, G LYRICS Am/F? Making sense of what I've heard G And what is on my mind (main riff) Well don't look down cos it's far to fall Oh yeah Am/F? Count the hours face the fear G It's all you need these days (main riff) We're past the post and through the door Am/F We hail commercial suicide C Kiss the love you leave behind G And let it bother you G (main riff) Well you do what it takes to get what you can (BRIGE) enter lead part
E------------------------------------------------------|A------------------------------------------------------|D----------------------3^-0----------------------3^-0--|all the way toG---------------2-------------------------2------------|the endB--1----3---3-1---3-3--------1----3---3-1---3-3--------|E------------------------------------------------------|
Am/F? Last night I thought about her love and what I do G It's hanging over me G (main riff) I'm sure to break your loving heart Am/F I'm down and take a walk down a sugar coated sonified G I've been hanging around for hours G (main riff) Staring at your holy ground Ooooooh (all main riff) with lead ... I might've known that you'd be tearing up the photographs Oooooh At sight of all I've done been taken for higher ground ... china dolls and better times This side of life... you know this living hell solid gold coming for no one (fade out) thats all any corrections? probably, cheers, Ciaran O'Neill
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