Supergroove - For Whatever Reason tab

			     FOR WHATEVER REASON - Supergroove
Tabbed by: G
Email: whateva@whateva.we

Tuning: Half Step Down Eb-G#-C#-F-Bb-eb (You can play it with standard tuning without
too much trouble. I just think this makes it a little easier) Chord names are as if the
tuning were standard (i.e. what I call Am is actually G#m).

This is pretty rough, but you get the idea.

There's basically three bits to the song:

Part A: Intro/Chorus thing

                                                  For whatever...

eb|----------------------------------------------------------|Bb|-----------------------------------7----------------------|F |-----(5)-----------(5)-----------7---------7-7\5-5-5\(2)--|C#|------7-------------7----------7-----------7-7\5-5-5\(2)--|G#|--------/10-7-3-------/10-7-3-/5-----------5-5\3-3-3\(0)--|Eb|---/5------------/5---------------------------------------|
Am D C Am ...reason I can't seem to find, I got to keep believ...
eb|----------------------------------------------------------|Bb|----------------------------------------------------------|F |-----(5)-----------(5)------------------------------------|C#|------7-------------7----------7-----------7\2------------|G#|--------/10-7-3-------/10-7-3-/5---------------0----------|Eb|---/5------------/5---------------------------------------|
Am D Am You don't... ...loved me. For whatever...
eb|----------------------------------------------------------|Bb|------------------------------------7^----7^p5------------|F |-----(5)-----------(5)--------------7^----7^p5------------|C#|------7-------------7----------7----7^----7^p5-7----------|G#|--------/10-7-3-------/10-7-3-/5----5-----5----7----------|Eb|---/5------------/5----------------------------5----------|
Am D Am ...reason I could... ...You could be decieving me. Part B: Verse This seems to be mostly just playing round with the Am chord (with occasional variations that you can figure out yourself). I use this as a base and go from there...
eb|----------------|Bb|----------------|F |-----5---5------|C#|-----7---7------|G#|-------7---7----|Eb|---5------------|
Part C: Bridge Just play the following as power chords. G F E And I'd love you more, more, more G F E And I'd want you more, more, more G F E And I'd need you more, more, more G F E And I'd love you more, more, more The bits go: A-B-A-B-C-A-B-A followed by little more playing round with the Am at the end. | ^ bend and release (1/2 step unless indicated) | / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic | x Mute note ===============================================================================
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