Supermen – Oneofus At Ruok Dot Com tab

Main Riff
Low E-0-0-5-3

E---------5-6-7-5-6---------5-6-7-6-5-|B-------------------------------------|G-------------------------------------|D-------------------------------------|A-------------------------------------|E-0-0-5-3-----------0-0-5-3-----------|Repeat 3x
Lyrics: Did you know that camels drink 6 tons Of water a day and a little bit Chickens and me chilling till three When I will see my lo mein order from Chinese Palace oragomi cats the Supermen we have All their cds but they are we No one really cares It?s ten o?clock everybody is jumping Can you see me no I ain?t jumping 1940 Superman ain?t coming Here I am everybody start jumping Throw your hands up everybody Throw your hands up come on at me Throw your hands up don?t stop Stop freaking do not Not Did you know a boring life?s the sign of the Mad cow disease so please call me if you need cheese What you don?t need cheese you only need the G?s Well I ain?t got the G?s so you?ll have to settle for the cheese Strip down to the ground everybody jump around Dogs at the pound at least they know how to get down Getting the phone call to the police they showed up y?all They cowered cause they so small and my esteem is tall 47 girls couldn?t get into my world It?s only you but you can?t see past the pearl what in your eye Chorus What Solo Can you see me no I?m invisible Number seven white rapper I?m invincable Norway to Sweden they be feeling my tattoo I love you mom Chorus
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