Supertramp – Even In The Quietest Moments chords

Song: Even In the Quietest Moments
Artist: Supertramp; words and music by Rick Davies and Roger Hodgson
Album: Even In the Quietest Moments (Track 3)
Year: 1977

The previous version was incomplete. This version contains all the lyrics and 
chords. I do not know
the picking pattern for the guitar during the verses, chorus, or bridge so I did 
not include it, I 
included the chords for strumming (rhythm).

Chords:D6sus4: X-X-0-7-8-7Dmaj7sus2: X-X-0-9-10-9
D7: X-X-0-5-7-5G/D: X-X-0-4-3-3Gm/D: X-X-0-3-3-3Am: X-0-2-2-1-0D9: X-5-X-5-5-2 or X-5-4-5-5-X
Dm: X-X-0-2-3-1
D: X-X-0-2-3-2Cadd9: X-3-2-0-3-0 (Note: a regular C chord works fine instead)
\* = begin strumming */ = end strumming (start picking again) Intro and Verse Pattern (continue through verse after intro in same pattern)
D6sus4 Dmaj7sus2 D7 G/D|-7--------7-7-----|---------9-9------|----------5-------|---------3--------||-8------8-----8---|------10-----10---|------7-----7-----|-----3------3-----||-7----7---------7-|----9-----------9-|--------5-----5---|-------4------4---||-0--0-------------|--0---------------|---0--------------|---0--------------||------------------|------------------|------------------|------------------||------------------|------------------|------------------|------------------|
D7 G/D Gm/D|----------5-------|----------3-------|---------3--------||------7-----7-----|-----3-------3----|-----3------3-----||--------5-----5---|-------4------4---|-------3------3---||---0--------------|---0--------------|---0--------------||------------------|------------------|------------------||------------------|------------------|------------------|
INTRO X 2 VERSE 1 D6sus4 Dmaj7sus2 Even in the quietest moments,
D7 G/DI wish I knew,
D7 G/D Gm/Dwhat I had to do.
D6sus4 Dmaj7sus2 And even though the sun is shining,
D7 G/Dwell, I feel the rain,
D7 G/Dhear it comes again,
Gm/D dear.
\* Am D9And even when you showed me,
Am D9my heart was out of tune,
Dm for there's a shadow of doubt
Am Cadd9 Dthat's not letting me find you to soon.
Am D9The music that you gave me,
Am D9the language of my soul,
Dm Lord I wanna be with you, won't you
Am Cadd9 D Cadd9 Dlet me come in from the cold?
Cadd9 D Don't you let the sun fade away,
Cadd9 D don't you let the sun fade away,
Cadd9 D don't you let the sun be leaving,
Cadd9 D */won't you come to me soon?
VERSE 2 D6sus4 Dmaj7sus2 Even though the stars are listening,
D7 G/Dand the oceans deep,
D7 G/D Gm/DI just go to sleep.
D6sus4 Dmaj7sus2 And then I create the silent movie,
D7 G/Dyou become the star,
D7 G/Dis that what you are,
\* Am D9Your whisper tells a secret,
Am D9your laughter brings me joy,
Dm and a wonder of feeling I'm
Am Cadd9 Dnature's own little boy.
Am D9But still the tears keep falling,
Am D9they're raining from the sky.
DmWell there's a lot of me got go
Am Cadd9 D Cadd9 Dunder before I get high.
Cadd9 D Don't you let the sun disappear,
Cadd9 D don't you let the sun disappear,
Cadd9 D don't you let the sun be leaving,
Cadd9 Dno, you come to me soon.
Cadd9 DAnd can't be leaving my life.
Cadd9 DSay that you won't be leaving my life.
Cadd9 DSay won't you please, say won't you please.
Cadd9 DLord won't you come and get into my life?
Cadd9 DSay won't you please, say won't you please,
Cadd9 D */oh, Lord don't go...
VERSE 3 D6sus4 Dmaj7sus2 And even when the song is over,
D7 G/Dwhere have I been,
D7 G/D Gm/Dwas it just a dream?
D6sus4 Dmaj7sus2 And though your door is always open,
D7 G/Dwhere do I begin,
D7 G/Dmay I please come in,
NOTE: Strum last chord slow; each note should sound out individually, not as a whole. END
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