Suzanne Vega – Headshots tab


[Intro]: Em Am BE ---0---0---0-------|B -----------------4-|G -4---0---2---------|D --------------4----|A -------------------|E -------------------|Whistle those notes at the same time when you play them.
Em 022000 Em* 022400 Am 002210 B x24442 C 332010 A 002220 Aadd2 577600 Dm x00231 Dm* x03231 G 320033 Gm 355333 Bb x13331 Em^ xxxaaa a=12 Emadd7 xxxaab b=11 Em7 xxxaac c=10 A^ xxxaad d=9 [Verse]: Em* Em Am B The sign said "Headshots" and that was all, Em* Em Am B A picture of a boy and a number you could call, Em* Em Am B Two eyes in the shade a mouth so sad and small, Em* Em Am B It's strange the way a shadow can fall across the wall, C Em And make the difference Aadd2 C In what you see Ah... Intro x2 [Verse]: Em* Em Am B He's just a poster, but he's everywhere, Em* Em Am B A face under a street lamp ripped and hanging in the air, Em* Em Am B Turn the corner and he's still there, Em* Em Am B Watching all the people who are passing unaware, C Em Is there a judgement Aadd2 C In what he sees? Ah... Em^ Emadd7 Em7 A^ bridge: On a day As cold and gray As today
Em^ Emadd7 Em7 A^E -----------12-----11-------10--------9-----|B -----------12-----12-------12--------12----|G -----------12-----12-------12--------12----|D -------------------------------------------|A -------------------------------------------|E -------------------------------------------|
Dm Gm AE ------------------0-----|B ----3----3-----3------2-|G -2----------0-----------|D -------3----------------|A ------------------------|E ------------------------|
[Verse]: Dm Dm* Gm A The sign says "Headshots" it's all I see, Dm Dm* Gm A A boy becomes a picture of guilt and sympathy, Dm Dm* Gm A And so I think of you in memory Dm Dm* Gm A Of the days we were together, and I knew that you loved me Bb Dm That was the difference G Bb Dm in what we see, G Bb But that's history... Ah...
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