Suzis - Sall Sallah Blah tab

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Band: The Suzis
Song: Sall Sallah Blah
Album: Not yet released
Tabbed by: (Jeanne Mitchell)

VERSE: E B G# Ae|-----------------------------------|B|-----------------------------------|G|--9-9-9-9--------------------------|D|--9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9-6-6-6-6-7-7-7-7--|A|--7-7-7-7-9-9-9-9-6-6-6-6-7-7-7-7--|E|----------7-7-7-7-4-4-4-4-5-5-5-5--|
PRECHORUS: E Eb C# Be|-------------------------------------------------------------------|B|-------------------------------------------------------------------|G|--9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9--|D|--9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9--|A|--7-7-7-7-7-7-7-7-6-6-6-6-6-6-6-6----------------------------------|E|----------------------------------9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9-7-7-7-7-7-7-7-7--|
CHORUS: F# E B F# G# A E Be|------------------------------------------|B|------------------------------------------|G|------------4-4----------------------4-4--|D|--4-4--2-2--4-4--4-4--6-6--7-7--2-2--4-4--|A|--4-4--2-2--2-2--4-4--6-6--7-7--2-2--2-2--|E|--2-2--0-0-------2-2--4-4--5-5--0-0-------|
VERSE 1: Once more you close the door in my face It seems you've found your own place Well what do you expect me to do I'm not the person you thought you knew A blast from the past sends a shiver down my spine You still have your cheddar cheese and your cheap wine Reminds me of the times you left me behind You deny the truth and I'm out of line PRECHORUS 1: Every night in my dreams I see you I fear you That is how I know you go on CHORUS: Don't try to be apart of this Your apology has taken too long Don't try to claim this happiness We both know you don't belong VERSE 2: Because you don't believe in the things that I see It gives you a reason to discriminate me How does it feel to be empty and controlled By expectations well I don't know Now as time goes by and youth gets old I wonder how many times I was told That life won't do what you tell it to That people don't see when they're hurting me That love is rare and hate is often but is that fair PRECHORUS 2: No too far a distance no space is between us You have come to show you belong CHORUS Sallah lah sallah lah blah!
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