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Swans – Sex God Sex tab

- Sex, God, Sex -

Tabbed by: knotrice
Tuning: Standard

Heavy distortion.

Okay, well this (beautiful) song is played reaaaaally reallllly slowly and weirdly,
especially at the beginning. You'll definitely need to listen to it to get the rhythm.

Starts with this weird little riff. Here, on every A, you need to do an odd sort of 
slide back down the fretboard to an E again. Listen to the song, you'll see what I mean.

That riff repeats until M. Gira says 'Praise the lord, praise God' (at about 3:00) and then this little transitional riff is played. Again, listen to the song to get the rhythm.
This riff repeats until the end. Hold the B in the second bar until right before the end of the bar, then play the E again. Listen to the song to get the rest of the rhythm. (I probably didn't need to say that four times but oh well)
And that's it. Once again, any questions, comments or corrections can be left in the comment box or PMed to me. Thanks!
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