Swans - God Damn The Sun tab

                  Swans - God damn the sun : Burning World (1989)

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* This is one of Michael Gira's finest songs as far as I'm concerned. The album it
on (Burning World) is impeccable and marked an interesting shift in direction for The Swans.

* The song itself is pretty much an unbroken verse, so I have not divided it, instead
it as one. Also note that I have placed the chords above the lyrics for the first couple
"cycles" and that's it because of it's repetitive nature. Included is a chart for the outro.

* Listening to the guitars will help you with your rhythm, just keep it simple and use
I hope to analyse the parts in greater detail later on down the track, so keep your eyes
for a Powertab / Guitar Pro version. The Swans were never renowned for virtuosity, but 
certainly came up with interesting textures and ideas. That was their brilliance....

The Chord Shapes

* D         x x 0 2 3 2
* Dadd4     x x 0 0 3 2
* A         x 0 2 2 2 0
* Emadd9    0 2 4 0 0 0
* G/D       x x 0 4 3 3

Intro *(This is the cycle of changes until the Outro)

  D         Dadd4     A         Emadd9
| / / / / | / / / / | / / / / | / / / / |

"Verse"  *See opening notes.

D                  Dadd4
When, when we were young
We had no history
So nothing to lose
Meant we could choose
Choose what we wanted then
            A                     Emadd9
Without any fear, or thought of revenge
But then you grew old
And I lost my ambition
So I gained an addiction
To drink and depression
They are mine
My only true friends
And I'll keep them here with me
Until the very end

                    D  *(Continue w/chord cycle until the Outro
I'd choose not to remember
But I miss your arrogance
And I need your intelligence
And your hate for authority
But now you're gone
I read it today
They found you in Spain
Face down in the street
With a bottle in your hand
And a wild smile on your face
And a knife in your back
You died in a foreign land
And they found my letter
Rolled up in your pocket
Where I said I'd kill myself
If she left me again
So now she's gone
And you're both in my mind
I've got one thing to say
Before I am drunk again:
God damn the Sun
God damn the Sun
God damn anyone
That says a kind word
God damn the Sun
God damn The Sun
God damn the light it shines
And this world it shows
God damn the Sun < Outro begins here


  D         G/D
| / / / / | / / / / | (Play 4 times)

| o       |         | Ends

Chords by Corey Hunter @ coreyhunter.com

Have a great day!
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