Swedish House Mafia – Save The World tab ver. 2

This is my first tab, this is how i like to play this song as it suits my voice, hope 
you enjoy it, capo may be used.

Each verse ....

e|----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|b|----------------|----------------|-----1-------1--|-----1-------1--|g|-----2-------2--|-----0-------0--|---2---2---2---2|---2---2---2---2| x4D|---2---2---2---0|---2---2---2---2|-3-------3------|-3-------3------|A|-0-------0------|-3-------3------|----------------|----------------|E|----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|
Am C F Who’s gonna save the world tonight? Am C F Who’s gonna bring it back to life? Am C F We’re gonna make it, you and I Am C F We’re gonna save the world tonight
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