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Sweet Matthew – Divine Intervention tab


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"Divine Intervention"

Transcribed by Phil Saunders (phillip@phoenix.princeton.edu)
Main riff corrections by:

Main Riff (play where A* is)

A Asuse--------- --9-B-----5--- --8-G-----7p6- main riff x4 --7-D-7-7-7--- and then.... ----A-0-0-0--- ----E--------- ----
Other bits:
D Dsus E D Dsus A-|-------------------------------------------------2-----------------|-|-7--h8-------------------------------------------3-----------------|-|-7-----------------------------------------------2-----------------|-|-7----------------------2--2--2--2--2--2--2--2---0------------------|-|-5----------------------2--2--4--4--2--2--4--4----------------------|-|------------------------0--0--0--0--0--0--0--0----------------------|
A* I don't know where I'm gonna live A* Don't know if I'll find a place D Dsus I'd have to think about it some A* And that I do not wish to face E I guess I'm counting on his D A* Divine Intervention I cannot understand my God I don't know why it gets to me One day my life is filled with joy And then we find we disagree All depending on his Divine Intervention Does he love us does he love us? Does he love us does he love us? I look around and all I see is destruction We're all Counting on his Divine Intervention When he comes the sun shine When he comes the sun shine Sunshine, the sunshine Here it comes...
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