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"Where You Get Love"
By Matthew Sweet
>From "Blue Sky on Mars"
Transcribed by Mike Keller

This sounds about right, but I'm not sure. Any suggestions, email me, Mike, at:

Distortion throughout entire song

Guitar 1 (Intro/Chorus/Bridge)

Guitar 2 (Intro/Chorus/Bridge)
Guitar 3 (Verse)-Palm Mute
OK, here's how it's put together: Intro: Play Guit. 1&2 part 4x Verse: Play Guit. 3 4x Chorus: Play Guit. 1&2 part 4x Bridge: Play Guit. 1&2 part 8x Some weird feedback stuff comes in here (Intro) (Verse) Instead of running Stay and keep it coming You're getting your kicks right at the source You're taking your guidance from the source (Chorus): Where do you get love? Down below from heaven above? Got a scary feeling I know Where do you get love? (Verse) Am I the whore You're working for? I'm here if you want to keep me near Much further away than I appear (Chorus) (Verse) Instead of running Stay and keep it coming Stay and keep it coming Stay and keep it coming (Chorus) x 2 (Bridge)
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