Sweet – Lady Starlight tab

Artist:	Sweet
Album:	Desolation Boulevard
Song:	Lady Starlight


Here's Lady Starlight from the kings of glam - Sweet.
It's one of the best ballads I've ever heard.
I recommend to listen to live version where Andy starts vocals 
and everything is just acoustic.

Chords used:
Em	022000
A(0)	002220
A(V)	577655
D	x00232 or 254232
D/G	x00233
D7	x00222
G	355433 or 320003
Hm	224432
Hm7/A   x04432 or x04232

Song starts from chorus:


		Looking for starlight
		Lady made it allright
		             D  D/G  D
		She was the lady

		       G                    A
		And I knew right from the start
		Sweet lady starlight
		Come on and make it tonight
		                 D  D/G
		You turn it on so easy
		         G          Em       D
		And the lady is my lady starlight


D   D/G    Hm             Hm7/A
Sing, the song shoould be sung
     G               D
And love can be the voice
               Hm     Hm7/A
The tears in my eyes
      G              A(V)	<----- 577655 ('A' taken from 5th fret)
I'm crying tears of joy
      G              A(0)	<----- 002220 ('A' taken from open strings)
When you say I'm your boy


BRIDGE (1'29"):

if have more handy applicature for this bridge please mail me at dmitry@rockmagic.net VERSE 2 (bridge verse). G D Em Time slips right on away Hm But why should I care A What people say G D A I will watch over lady starlight Em Looking for starlight VERSE 3. Dance she dances a valley And Rudi is the king I laugh when she's happy The power's in my hands And I must be a man CHORUS. OUTTRO: D Em D7
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