Sweetnam Skye - Fallen Through chords

Skye Sweetnam
Fallen Through
Noise From The Basement
2004 Capitol Records
Submitted by: paramore_fans@yahoo.com

Key: Bb

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
Gm -  355333
Eb -  x68886
Bb - x13331F - 133211
Cm - x35543 D - xx0232 F/A - x032xx
Intro: Gm Eb Bb F/Ae|---------|---------|---------|-----------|B|-------3-|-------3-|-------3-|-----------|G|-----3---|---0-----|-----3---|-----------|D|---0-----|-1---1---|---3-----|-----------| x4A|---------|---------|-1-------|-0--0--1-0-|E|-3-------|---------|---------|-----------|
Verse 1:
Gm Eb Bb F/A Gm I do what he says but I
Eb Bb F/A Gmend up falling up the edge
EbI don't know what do you
Bb F/A Cm Eb never see to end up friggin true
Gm Eb Bb F/A Gm seeps in underneath the door
Eb Bb F/A Gmsinks in and stains the floor
EbI don't know what to feel
Bb F/A Cm takes so long for these wounds
Eb Cm Ebto heal, tell me it's not really real
Gm Eb Bb FFallen through why did I
Gm Eb Bb Ffall for you, falling from
Gm Eb all the lies, alibis
Bb F Eb that you said let me holding
Don the last breath
Interlude: Gm--F/A-- x2 Verse 2:
Gm Eb Bb F/A Gm Stop stare and watch me burn
Eb Bb F/A Gmsome--day it will be your turn
Eb Bbcan't fool me I can see all
F/A Cmthe things that you don't
Eb Gm Ebwant me to see, you threw
Bb F/A Gm Eb my heart away that's the
Bb F/A Gm price that I paid, I know
Eb Bb F/Ait's never fair promise me
Cm Ebyou'd always be there
Cm Ebbut you never really cared
(Repeat Chorus) Guitar Solo: Gm--Eb--Gm--Eb-Gm-F-
Guitar 2: x2e|---------------------------------|B|-------------------------------3-|G|---------------------------------|D|-------------3--------------3----|A|---1---1---1------1---1---1------|E|-3---3---3------3---3---3--------|
Breakdown: Eb-- x4
Guitar 1:e|--------------------------1-|B|------3----3-------3---3----|G|----3----3-------3---3------|D|-1------------1-------------| x2A|----------------------------|E|----------------------------|
Guitar 2:e|----10----10-------13-------13-------13-|B|-11----11----11-11----11-11----11-11----|G|----------------------------------------|D|----------------------------------------|A|----------------------------------------|E|----------------------------------------|
(Repeat Chorus twice) Outro: Gm--F/A- x4
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