Sweetnam Skye - Why Doesnt Santa Like Me tab

Skye Sweetnam
Why Doesn't Like Me
Radio Music Jingle James 3
submitted by canuck_inbred@yahoo.com

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:C- x32010G- 320033
Am- x02210F- 133211Dm- xx0231
Intro: C-G-F (x2) Verse 1: C F Am G I wake up on Christmas morning C F Am G Got up early catch the morning glow C F Am G Set my pretty face at the window C F Am G All the trees are covered in snow F G And then it came C G Am My greatest fear F G Coal and stale candy in my stocking this year Chorus: C G Am F I said please and I said thank you C G Am I made him milk and cookies F C G wrote him letters Am F sent pictures Dm G and Santa even roll back C G Am For all the bad things I'm sorry F C G Am F Don't forget about my Christmas tree C G Am F I thought I was a good girl Dm G C G Am So why doesn't Santa like me F C G Am F C G Am F Dm G like me like me like me Interlude: C-F-Am-G (x2) Verse 2: C F Am G I didn't rip my sister's diary C F Am G When I took it for show and tell at school C F Am G And my brother has recovered C F Am G For the time he took the remote control F G So on your good list C G Am There better be my name F G or else my Christmas this year just won't be the same (Repeat Chorus except last line and don't play Am in "like me" after C G instead proceed here) F C G F like me like me like me Interlude: C-G-F--C-F-G Chorus 2: C G Am The stocking fell over F C G Am and out poured all the goodies F C G Am F there was candy and a CD Dm G but black coal wasn't ready C G Am and I stood there in amazement F C G Am and I named him Mr. Buckles F C G Am F and I feel like such a good girl Dm G C G Am now I know that Santa likes me F C G Am F C G Am F C G Am F C(Hold) likes me likes me likes me
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