Sweetnam Skye - Bring It Back tab

Skye Sweetnam
Bring It Back
Sound Soldier
2007 Capitol Records
Submitted by: paramore_fans@yahoo.com
Our little cutie Skye dances a little flirty in this live video that I've watched from 
She's pretty there in the way she dresses and her charisma too. This song also has a 
bass lines.

Tuning: Standard

Chords used:

Intro: Em--A7 (x4)

Verse 1:
Hot The way you tip your hat I fall right in your trap
A gentleman, like back in Quickly Shops
                    B                     Em
And You put on your show You play it up I know

You know, They know, Who knows Yeah

Cut You couldn't have me cut  Feel the churning in your gut
                                    G                   B
The look, It sucks that I use to be one The only cloud above
Is covering the sun My sun it's gone, It's gone Yeah

C                  D                 Em
  Bring it back now Bring it back now Bring it back now Oh ah oh oh ah oh

Verse 2:
Stop, will take you move that heat What rolls beneath our feet
The bitterness Before, came for a street signs
                        B                           Em
And that strike of your drum beats The words that I sung

Your numb, your sun is gone Yeah

Slide I creep into your mind Finally I will find
I will be undercover this Backseat in your mindset
                     B                  Em
I'll promise I'll be kind And you'll be fine

I'll be kind, you'll be fine, we'll be fine Yeah

(Repeat Chorus)

Interlude: Em---G--A7--G--A7--G--A7--Em--A7

(Repeat Chorus twice)

C                 D                        Em
  Forget what you say We're gonna bring it back now
                      C                 D
Babe Oh ah oh oh ah oh Bring it back now
Bring it back now Bring it back now Oh ah oh oh ah oh
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