Sweetnam Skye - Just The Way I Am tab

Skye Sweetnam
Just The way I Am
Sound Soldier
2007 Capitol Records
Submitted by: paramore_fans@yahoo.com
This is the easiest skye song to play, also dancable for the ones who loves to party time!!!

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
E7 - 020100
G  - 320033
C  - x32010
D  - xx0232

Intro:e|------------------|B|------------------|G|------------------|D|------------------| (x4)A|------------------|E|-0--0-0-0/3h4p3p0-|
Hey! Yeah! Verse 1: E7 I'm fly the original I'm sly Unpredictable... I'm nearly irresistable and I dont even try I'm easily excitable completly undeniable and sometimes unrealible Don't ask me why C D Don't ask me why (why)
Chorus: G C I'm strange And I like it D C That's just the way I am G C I can't change I can't hide it D C That's just the way I am G C Might as well get over it D C Don't try to understand G C I'm strange And I like it D C Just the way I am (Repeat Intro) Verse 2: E7 From a whisper to a shout On what the buzz Is all about Everybody's buggin' out and I've only just begun They cant rain on my parade I'm sunshine on a cloudy day Make lemons into lemonade I'm just havin fun C D I'm havin fun...(I'm havin fun) (Repeat Chorus)
G--C--D--C (x2) (Repeat Chorus thrice)
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