Swingin Utters – My Glass House chords

Swingin Utters 
My Glass House


GWhile i sit alone in this room
C Gi've got crates full of sorrow
C G even more filled with shadows
Am that i fish out and ridicule
C G C G C Gwhen i'm feeling lonely.
I'm lacking sense, but bound in a very specific direction it's phenomenal and unprecedented it's a chip of the old block and a step up the new ladder. Chorus:
Bm CMr.Scribe, i write to you
Gpen and penchant aimed
Amto pour over a fool
Cleft with no more rhymes
C G C G C Gi'm poetically franchised.
I'm in charge for the day in terminal wanderlust i've excited my worst thoughts exorcised what was lost am i a bad seed sprouting up or am i not? I'm not sure what sad is but listless i'm not my lists are never ending and my emotions aren't store-bought and tears, they either deceive or endear me [chorus]
C Gi'm your little golden nugget collecting dust
C Gbored with my own stale and directed thoughts
C Gin a place where so much life and loves abound
Am Cit's amazing how little tempts me
G C G C Gfrom my glass house.
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