Switches - Lay Down The Law tab

This is my first tab, so be gentle *wince*
And the presentation may be a bit off, but I'm sure you can look past my crappy tabbing 
work out the bad bits yourself.

/ - Slide
H - Hammer on
B - Bend

Intro: Fading B flat along with drum beat.

MAIN RIFF:E------------------------------------------|B--8-6-------------------------------------|G------7--------7-7-5/3---3----------------|D--------8--------------5----5-------------|A------------------------------------------|E------------------------------------------|
CHORDS: (OFF BEAT) Gm Gm Gm Gm Dm Dm Gm Gm Bb Bb Bb Bb Dm Dm Gm Gm
AFTER CHORUS: (X2)E-------------------------------------------|B---------8--------8---------6----------8---|G-------------------------------------------|D----5h6------5h6------5h6--------5h6-------|A-------------------------------------------|E-------------------------------------------|
On the first part of the second verse, the chords are played on keyboard. CHORDS :(SECOND VERSE) Gm Dm Gm Bb Dm Gm
BRIDGE CHORDS: Em | Eb | Cm | Gm Em | Eb | Cm | Gm On the second round of the chorus after the bridge, the chords are played ON the beat. The 3rd and 4th time the chorus plays after the bridge, the chords return to an OFF beat. When the after chorus is played after the last chorus, the end note changes, and is a bend.
LAST NOTE:E------|B------|G------|D---3b-A------|E------|
And I think that's about it. I won't put down the order, when one could just listen to the song. Any questions, suggestions, insults and congratulations can go to: harrington007@hotmail.co.uk
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