Switchfoot – Dont Be There tab

Don't Be There
The Legend of Chin -- 1997

These are the chords for Switchfoot's final track off their debut album The Legend of
"Don't Be There". Enjoy!

Drop D - D A D G B E

*Chords are listed at end of song

Riff 1E|-------------|B|-------------|G|-----7--7/9--|d|-----4--4----|A|-----0--5/7--|D|--0--0--0----|
Riff 2E|--------------------|B|--------------------|G|--------------------|d|--------------8--7--|A|--------7--8--------|D|--7--8--------------|
Intro Riff 1 [2x] Verse 1 Riff 1 Don't be there Riff 1 Don't be there D* A G Riff 2 Cause I'm on my way Riff 1 Riff 1 And I'm already gone over D* A G Bb And I'm on my way, hey Chorus B F# G And I can't recall myself A B How I went down F# G Did I get shot A Or shoot myself Interlude - Riff 1 [2x] Verse 2 Riff 1 I'm down here Riff 1 I'm down here D* A G Riff 2 And you're way up there Riff 1 Riff 1 That doesn't hurt badly D* A G Bb But it stings right here, hey Chorus Post-Chorus D* C9 Bm And I won't pretend there's nothing there C9* C#7 D* You be around and I'll be square C9 Bm Don't be alarmed if I'm not there C9* C#7 D* You be around and I'll be square Interlude - Riff 1 [2x] Verse 3 Riff 1 If you're a rose Riff 1 Then I'm the thorn D* A G Riff 2 That's in your side Riff 1 Riff 1 And does it hurt badly D* A G Bb Cause it burns right here, hey Chorus Interlude - Riff 1 [2x] Bridge B A D B I'd like to say hello D** A D I'd like to say I care G A D B I'd like to let you know D** That nothing here's the same with me A Bb Nothing here's the same Chorus Post-Chorus Outro C9 Don't be around Bm Don't be there C9* C#7 Don't be there Riff 1 [3x] :Verse/Chorus/Bridge Chord Translations/Technical Name: D* - D(no3)* D** - D(no3)** A - A(no3) G - G(no3) Bb - Bb(no3) B - B(no3) F# - (no3) C9 - C9(no5) Bm - Bm(no5) C9* - C9(no3/5)* C#7 - C#7(no3/5)
*Chords Used D D(no5) D(no3)* D(no3)** A(no3) Bb(no3) B(no3) F#(no3)E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|G|--7------------7--------12--------9-------7-------10-------11-------6------|d|--4----4-------0--------10--------7-------5-------8---------9-------4------|A|--0----5-------0--------10--------7-------5-------8---------9-------4------|D|--0----0-------0--------10--------7-------5-------8---------9-------4------|
Continued Chords C9(no5) Bm(no5) C9(no3/5)* C#7(no3/5)E|--------------------------------------------|B|--------------------------------------------|G|----9--------7---------7------------6-------|d|----0--------0---------x------------x-------|A|----x--------x---------x------------x-------|D|---10--------9---------8------------7-------|
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