Switchfoot – Home tab

     Album:The Legend of Chin
     Tabbed by:Joshua Leon

      This song was tabbed by Ross Kyzar on another site that is now extinct.
    I fixed it and now I'm sure it's 100% correct.

Intro e|-------------------------|--------------------------| B|-------------------------|--------------------------| G|---2-0-----0----0--------|---2-0-----0-----0--------| D|--0-----0-7----9---------|--0-----0-7-----9---------| A|--------------7-----9--0-|---------------7-----9-9\-| E|-3----/7----/8---/10-10--|-3----/7-----/8---/10-10\-| Riff 1(strum these)
e|---------------------------| B|--333---333--33-3-3-33-3-3-| G|--000---000--00-0-2-22-2-0-| D|--000---000--xx------------| A|--xxx--2~~~h3--------------| E|-3~~~~~--------------------|
Verse 1 Riff 1 It's a long way from Miami to LA Riff 1 It's a long way from where I used to be to where I am today Riff 1 It's a long way from my thoughts to what I'll say Riff 1 It's a long way from paradise to where I am today Interlude e|-0~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~3~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| B|-3~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~3~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| G|-0~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~0~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| D|-2~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~2~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| A|-2~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~3~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| E|-------------------------------------| All that's in my head is in Your head Riff 1 Verse 2 Riff 1 It's a long way from the moon up to the sun Riff 1 It's a longer road ahead of me the road that I've begun Riff 1 Stop to think of all the time I've lost Riff 1 Stop to think of all the bridges that I've burned that must be crossed Pre-Chorus e|-0~2~0~2~| B|-1~2~1~2~| G|-2~2~0~2~| D|-0~4~2~4~| A|-3~4~3~4~| E|---2~--2~| Over,over,over take me over
Chorus Then play first part again e|--------------------------|--------------| B|--------------------------|--------------| G|--------------------------|--------------| D|-10-9-5-2~10-9-5~10-9-5-7~|-4-4/5-55-5/7-| A|--------------------------|--------------| E|--------------------------|--------------| I've poisoned/I've been rain/I've been fooled again/I've seen ashes Shine like chrome/Some day I'll see home
Bridge 1 Riff 1 Home I can see the stars from way down here But I can't fall asleep behind the wheel Verse 3 Riff 1 It's along way from the shadows of my cave Riff 1 Up to Your reality to watch the sunlight taking over
Pre-Chorus Chorus Bridge 2(2x) e|-------------------------| B|-333-333-333-333-333-333-| G|-000-000-000-000-000-000-| D|-000-000-000-000-xxx-xxx-| A|-xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx-333-333-| E|-000-000h333-333---------| End(play interlude 2x) Riff 1(x2)
Gtr.2(He picks,Jon strums) e|----5----5/7---5-5-7-5-------3~| B|---5----7-----5-5-----5------3~| G|--5----7-----5---------5-0---0~| D|-7----9-----7-------------0--0~| A|---------------------------0-2~| E|-----------------------------3~|
That's it.God bless -Josh
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